NOTHING TO SEE HERE is a text-based sculptural series which aims to address the problematic nature of the archetypal suburban lifestyle. A set of multiples, this collection of cookie-cutter houses explores the social phenomena of artificial communities through vapid, benign clich├ęs commonly exchanged by neighbours. Reflecting the attitudes and concerns of an exclusionary, conservative middle class, this caricature of small talk is spangled with darker expressions that expose the underbelly of gentrified living. These kernels betray the facade in their representation of an inconvenient reality: one of clandestine discrimination, domestic violence, and substance abuse. NOTHING TO SEE HERE dissects social pretense in a playful way; visually distilling these values while offering reference to the old adage condemning hypocrisy in the judgement of others.

 Pixel Crossed 

Pixel Crossed is a set of 16 videos, grouped into sets of two which respectively explore and monumentalize themes of sensuality, translation of tone and emotion, text-based communication, and the inherent ethereality of online exchange.


Augur is a set of 22 digital illustrations which are based on the Major Arcana of the standard Tarot Deck. This series is currently updating.

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