Digital Installation, 2016

Nesting is a multi-channeled hybrid media installation that incorporates digital painting, stereoscopy, cinemagraphs, and post-production manipulation. In its totality this installation is composed of a sequence of singular instants, which are inherently flawed pieces that attempt to preserve singular moments in time, similar to the way memory functions with missing pieces, oscillation, and mutation. The aesthetic of Nesting references archetypal romantic style painting, combined with a contemporary approach to storytelling using digital media. Looping endlessly, characters wander the interior of a macabre dwelling, exploring and subverting facets of familial ritual. Evoking the familiar, Nesting takes a dreamlike narrative and monumentalizes fleeting moments within that cinematic space, rejecting resolution while simultaneously invoking emotion and intrigue. Nesting was the recipient of the 2016 Office of the President Curators Choice award at UWAG.